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4-8 Days depending on the flower

Bouquets are delivered Thursday evenings. Please leave out your bucket with water that morning. If you need a different local address, please let us know.

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About The Founder

Tarah Holman
Hello! I’m Tarah Holman, and in 2021, I made the crazy decision to start my own flower farm, along with some help from my husband Charlie. Like many of you, the COVID epidemic caused me to do some soul searching and general pondering on my values. As a healthcare worker, I found an already harsh work environment to be even more difficult. In searching for purpose in quarantine, I decided that I would grow flowers that I could give to my friends, in order to stay connected at a distance. What I did not anticipate was how fascinating it would be to watch beautiful blooms grow from seeds that I tended, or how soul-filling it would be to share the joy of flowers with the people I love! Now my quarantine survival plan has blossomed into so much more- a small-scale flower farm that is in the business of surprise and delight. My mission has grown, but the idea remains the same: to cultivate and share beauty with my community, and to connect with others through the joy of flowers. I am a proud member of the Growing Kindness Project, whose mission is to cultivate kindness and connection in our communities by growing and giving flowers.

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